Let's Dye . . . Madder

I needed to dye some alpaca for the neck warmer I will be knitting as part of 'Alpaca-The Mini Series'.  Since I haven't done a 'Let's Dye . . .' post in awhile, I thought this would be a great project to try out madder from my dye garden.

Alpaca Shearing

I've been working on a number of posts that will be appearing soon as part of my mini series on Alpacas.  And what better place to start than with the animal and their fleece!


This past weekend was crop harvest (fleece shearing) at Carolina Pride Pastures, a local alpaca farm featuring huacaya alpacas.

Fancy Fringe - Tutorial

I'm excited to bring you a video tutorial on a fancy fringe technique that includes braiding, interlacements, and beading.  I've worked the technique on a handwoven scarf, but it is not limited to only handwoven items.  This method could be used on any fringed item, whether handmade or purchased.

Samples & Swatches

As fiber artists and crafters, how many times have we heard the admonition "before you start your project . . . weave a sample or knit a swatch or spin a control or test dye a new color"?  I know that the vast majority of you are saying, "I never sample".  Am I right?  


The hope of my post is to bring a more positive light on this subject by sharing thoughts and ideas beyond the usual approaches to sampling and swatching.


Twill "Flowers"

While searching older Handwoven magazines for a project that would "stretch" my weaving skills, I came across a Beyond the Basics column.


This draft seemed like the perfect challenge, combining weaving with my love of flowers.

Let's Weave . . . Krokbragd

In previous posts, I've extolled my love of Scandinavian woven textiles; their simplicity of design, their colors, the variety of pattern motifs, and just the pleasure I find in weaving them.  


Today is another Scandanavian technique, this time from Norway, called Krokbragd.


A Year Round Gift

I found this gift idea on the Silhouette blog.  It was designed and created by Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home.  The original post appeared here.  The project is called "A Gift For All Seasons" and includes a down pillow and six pillow covers that can be changed each season throughout the year.


Of course I had to add my own twist!


Green Eggs

In the Dr. Seuss classic, the character Sam-I-Am asks the question, "Do you like green eggs and ham?"

Today's post is a compendium of chicken questions we have been asked by visitors to Green Pastures Farm. It's a little different post, I hope you enjoy it!