Minute Weaver Loom

Minute Weaver Loom


Skill level: Absolute beginner

The Minute Weaver™ is designed to self teach the very basics of weaving in 30 minutes or less. It is teeny tiny and super quick. This is ideal for users who may not want to spend too much time or money in a class or on a larger, more complicated loom product before having a basic understanding of weaving.

The results are micro 2” squares that can be stitched together for a larger project. 2.75” x 2.75” with 2” square weaving space.

Minute Weaver Set comes with all three gauge sizes, step by step photo instructions, metal tapestry needle, wee (2”) weaving comb, yarn keeps and cotton carrying bag. 

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3 gauges: Medium (M8) – 8 slots or 4 ends per inch (e.p.i ) – ideal for working with dk, worsted or bulky weight yarn. Requires about 3 ½ yards dk weight yarn. Fine (F16) – 16 slots or 8 e.p.i – ideal for working with sock or lace weight yarn and some heavier embroidery threads. Uses about 6 ½ yards of a lighter weight yarn or thread. Extra Fine (EF 20) – 20 slots or 10 e.p.i– ideal for lighter weight yarns or embroidery thread. Requires about 6 ½ yards of lighter weight yarn or thread.