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Fancy Fringe - Tutorial

I'm excited to bring you a video tutorial on a fancy fringe technique that includes braiding, interlacements, and beading.  I've worked the technique on a handwoven scarf, but it is not limited to only handwoven items.  This method could be used on any fringed item, whether handmade or purchased.

Samples & Swatches

As fiber artists and crafters, how many times have we heard the admonition "before you start your project . . . weave a sample or knit a swatch or spin a control or test dye a new color"?  I know that the vast majority of you are saying, "I never sample".  Am I right?  


The hope of my post is to bring a more positive light on this subject by sharing thoughts and ideas beyond the usual approaches to sampling and swatching.


Twill "Flowers"

While searching older Handwoven magazines for a project that would "stretch" my weaving skills, I came across a Beyond the Basics column.


This draft seemed like the perfect challenge, combining weaving with my love of flowers.

The Greenlaw Tartan

A few years ago, Pete and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Scotland.  As part of our excursion, we visited Greenlaw, Scotland,  located about 35 miles ESE of Edinburgh in the county of Berwickshire.  

About 3 miles to the south of the village are the remains of Hume Castle. The name of Hume or Home originates from an Old English word Hôm, describing a place on a hilly outcrop or height; which aptly explains the name of the castle as it sits on just such a rocky hill.  Originally built in the 13th century, the castle was destroyed by Cromwell’s invading army in 1651. So what does Home/Hume have to do with Greenlaw?