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while sharing what I learn along the way.


Welcome to Flora & Fiber!  

I’m Debby Greenlaw, a baby boomer who traded her suburban Charleston-style home for a farm house in the country; replaced her skirts and lab coat with $10       T-shirt dresses and comfortable work shoes; happily shovels goat poop at the crack of dawn rather than sitting in rush hour traffic; and now provides more “patient” care to farm animals than people.

I, along with my best friend and husband Pete, bought and subsequently restored a 14 1/2 acre farm in Prosperity, South Carolina.  We share Green Pastures Farm with a cadre of dairy goats, chickens, a mini donkey, a barn cat, and a yellow lab as we cultivate fruit, vegetable, herb, and natural dye gardens.  We spent the last 7 years teaching ourselves skills that were once common to our ancestors; from delivering baby animals to wine making to spinning fiber and weaving fabric. 

While friends would tell you I’m competitive, I prefer to describe my approach as passionate with a heavy dose of tenacity.  As such, I voraciously scour and study a myriad of resources to develop my own How To library on farming and fiber, goats and gardening, and everything in between.

This website shares the skills learned, adventures experienced, and insights gleaned.  My desire is that it brings a smile to your face and inspires you to pursue your own creative passions.

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Author of 'Krokbragd: How to Design & Weave"