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Green Eggs

In the Dr. Seuss classic, the character Sam-I-Am asks the question, "Do you like green eggs and ham?"

Today's post is a compendium of chicken questions we have been asked by visitors to Green Pastures Farm. It's a little different post, I hope you enjoy it!


The Chicken Or The Egg?

Since childhood, I've heard "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?".  I'm not sure that I can definitively answer that age old debate, but I can tell you how chicks came to Green Pastures Farm. . .

March Morning at the Farm

I thought I'd share some glimpses from my walk around Green Pastures Farm this morning.  It's a beautiful day . . . sunny, blue skies, the early Spring flowers and leaf buds are emerging . . . it's peacefully quiet except for the birds chirping and an occasional soft baaaaa from the goats . . . there's an earthy smell of freshly turned soil and a faint sweet scent of the Tea Olive blooms . . . the sun is beginning to gain warmth as it moves higher in the sky.

More [Really Cute] Baby Goats

Back with another chapter of 'The Baby Goats of Green Pastures Farm'.  This time it's Jill's triplets born on Saturday morning, February 25!  Yes, two doelings and one buckling, all weighing in at 4 to 4 1/2 pounds.  Mama and babies are doing great.  Here's a little video taken when the babies were about an hour old.

World's Cutest Babies

I'm know that is a very broad and grandiose claim.  And I also know you may disagree with me, thinking your child or grandchild or niece or nephew or even your puppy or kitten is the cutest.  But really, look at those faces.