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Late Winter at Green Pastures Farm

Late Winter at Green Pastures Farm

One of the many joys of living in South Carolina is that Spring shows up in February! The winters do get chilly, in fact this year we saw a week of low temperatures into the teens.  And we do have snow, sometimes even with an accumulation that keeps the ground white for a day or two.  But the long winter months of grey skies and barren trees are thankfully not found here.  

pear blossom "snow" @ Green Pastures Farm

Phil the groundhog may predict six more weeks of winter, but our ground is covered in a different form of white "snow" . . . .

pear tree in blossom @ Green Pastures Farm

. . . thousands of blossoms from our pear trees.

bee on rosemary @ green pasture farm

The bees are buzzing in the rosemary flowers.

goats @ green pastures farm

The goats are enjoying fresh vegetation in the pastures followed by afternoon siestas basking in the balmy sunlight.

meadow @ green pastures farm

Our meadows are bursting with brightly colored wildflowers.

pine blossoms @ green pastures farm

Pine blossoms are emerging and soon we will experience the South's version of the Dust Bowl where everything will be covered in a blanket of yellow pollen until a welcome rain washes it away.

little cones on cedar @ green pastures farm

Tiny cones are forming on our cypress.

native daffodils @ green pastures farm

Cheerful patches of daffodils spring up randomly.  I wonder who and how long ago these natives were planted?

native daffodils @ green pastures farm

The bridge, my Christmas gift from Pete, perfectly complements this part of the dry creek garden.

native daffodils @ green pastures farm

Another patch of native daffodils, and if you look closely (top middle of the photo), you can see the white of the first iris to bloom.

hellebores @ green pastures farm

Ever faithful Hellebores display charming blooms throughout the winter months.

daffodils with Henry Lauder's Walking Stick

My caption 'Beauty & the Beast' - dainty daffodils with gnarly branches of Henry Lauder's Walking Stick.

new growth on grasses @ green pastures farm

We pruned all our ornamental grasses this week. This is new growth of just five days.

new growth on hydrangea @ green pastures farm

Spring Green is one of my favorite colors, here worn so fashionably by a hydrangea.

temple bells @green pastures farm

Temple Bells putting on a spectacular display.

lily goat @ green pastures farm

I leave you with this comical photo of Lily.  Just like a child when you're trying to catch that stellar portrait, they have to stick out their tongue.

Enjoy the day!

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