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Let's Weave . . . Krokbragd

In previous posts, I've extolled my love of Scandinavian woven textiles; their simplicity of design, their colors, the variety of pattern motifs, and just the pleasure I find in weaving them.  


Today is another Scandanavian technique, this time from Norway, called Krokbragd.


Swedish Art Weave - Part 1

In my July post about Telemarksteppe (another Scandinavian weave), I wrote that I would be attending the MAFA (Mid Atlantic Fiber Association) conference and taking a 4 day workshop on Swedish Art Weaves with Joanne Hall.  

I will be sharing what I learned in a two-part series.  In today's post, I'll start with a finished project.


Let's Weave . . . Telemarksteppe

I'm intrigued by Scandinavian woven textiles.  I like their bright colors, their motifs and patterns, the intricacies of their weaving with frequent color changes.

I also love the charming names of their weaving techniques - dukagång (an inlay technque), krokbragd (a bound weave pattern), halvdrall (a Swedish block weave), krabba (another inlay technique), and rya (a pile weave).