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Let's Weave . . . Telemarksteppe

Let's Weave . . . Telemarksteppe

I'm intrigued by Scandinavian woven textiles.  I like their bright colors, their motifs and patterns, the intricacies of their weaving with frequent color changes.

I also love the charming names of their weaving techniques - dukagång (an inlay technque), krokbragd (a bound weave pattern), halvdrall (a Swedish block weave), krabba (another inlay technique), and rya (a pile weave).

The Danish have a word hygge (pronounced hue-guh) used when describing a feeling or moment as cosy.  Maybe that's what I like about Scandanavian textiles, they just make me feel happy!

Joanne Hall's sampler for Swedish Art Weaves class

Joanne Hall's sampler for Swedish Art Weaves class

In a few weeks I will be attending the MAFA (Mid Atlantic Fiber Association) conference.  This is a 4 day conference located on the campus of Millersville University in south-central Pennsylvania.  Despite a wonderful selection of workshops, I easily chose Swedish Art Weaves to be taught by Joanne Hall.  We will be weaving a sampler of Swedish art weaves–Halvkrabba, Krabba, Rölakan, Dukagång and Munkabälte (as pictured above).  Look for a post or two on the conference and this workshop when I return.

But getting back to today's post, I chose Telemarksteppe, a weave structure originating in the Norwegian county of Telemark.  It is a three-block structure woven on a tabby ground.  The pattern I'm using is available as a free pdf download from Interweave here.  

telemarksteppe on loom

Traditionally, Telemarksteppe uses an unbleached linen warp and Rauma Prydvevgarn wool for the pattern weft.  I like to "shop" my existing stash and so I used Bocken's unbleached Nialin 22/2 a 60% cotton/40% linen blend.

telemarksteppe weave on loom

I needed 6 colors for the pattern weft.  Back to my stash, I found multiple colors in a rayon/cotton rug yarn.  The grist is a little thicker than the recommended yarn resulting in 14 picks per inch (7 pattern, 7 tabby) rather than the pattern's 34 picks per inch (ppi). Therefore, I had to adjust the pattern repeats to accommodate this difference and still maintain the same finished length.  The rayon/cotton yarn provides a rich sheen that stands out nicely from the natural color of the Nialin.  I chose spring-summer hues rather than the traditional Telemark colors which are more jewel tones- ruby, olives, deep blues.

weft loops on selvedges of Telemarksteppe weaving

An interesting feature of Telemarksteppe are weft loops along the selvedges rather than a traditional straight selvedge.  I like the loops for this particular weave, but wouldn't say it will become part of my typical weaving repertoire.

handwoven telemarksteppe table runner

I'm planning to use this as a table runner, however I have seen similar woven pieces as wall hangings.  Laura Demuth, the author of the pattern I used, has a beautiful piece which can be seen here.  

Weaving & Spinning demo @ Enoree River Winery - Newberry Ag + Art Tour

Weaving & Spinning demo @ Enoree River Winery - Newberry Ag + Art Tour

By the way, this was also the first weave on my Louet 8 shaft Jane table loom.  I loved it!  Easy to warp.  Easy to treadle.  Great shed.  And it travelled well, allowing me to use it as a demo at the recent Newberry Ag + Art Tour.

Telemarksteppe handwoven

Hope this gives you a hygge feeling!


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