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The Making of a Towel

Recently I was commissioned to weave guest towels for several customers.  For readers who are non-weavers, I thought it might be interesting to illustrate what goes into the making of a 12" x 17" guest towel.  It's more than just throwing the shuttle back and forth!

Let's Weave . . . Waffle Weave

This is the next installment in the 'Let's Weave . . . ' series.  For a previous post see here.  Today's weave structure is waffle weave.   Waffle weave is made up of warp and weft floats of varying lengths arranged around a plain-weave center.  When the fabric is taken off the loom and washed, these floats contract and form a texture that looks like a waffle.  This weave structure is popular for towels, both because of its absorbency and appearance.