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Exploring Flora & Fiber

Exploring Flora & Fiber

Today's post is a little different.  I've had a quite a few first time visitors and new subscribers - insert me doing the happy dance - and so I thought it might be beneficial to give a little tour around the Flora & Fiber website.  Even if you've been following for awhile, maybe you'll find something new.

Flora & Fiber Home page

Let's start with the Welcome Page.  This is the Flora & Fiber home page; the page that you will land on when you go to www.florafiber.live

In the top Right corner of all the pages on the Flora & Fiber website is a series of social media icons.  Clicking on these will take you to the: 

  • Flora & Fiber Pinterest Page where you can find pins obviously on Spinning, Weaving, and Dyeing but also other Farm Life, Gardening, Recipes, and Seasonal pins.
  • Flora & Fiber YouTube page where I've created a number of Fiber Arts related playlists as well as a few homegrown Goat videos from Green Pastures Farm.
  • Flora & Fiber Facebook Page which honestly, I have not utilized a whole lot.  I have plans to bring you more finds that I think may interest the readers of Flora & Fiber.  Stay tuned in 2018!
  • Flora & Fiber Instagram Page is just getting started.  

In the top Left corner of all the pages, you'll see three little bars.  If you click on them, a drop down menu will appear where you can navigate around the site.

Flora & Fiber Welcome Page w/menu
  • Check out any BLOG posts you may have missed.  
  • Next is where you can learn a little ABOUT me.
  • You can learn about Flora & Fiber and related EVENTS.
  • I add to the GALLERY pictures of finished objects.
  • You can SHOP for handcrafted items as well as fiber and tools.
  • You can also CONTACT me via email.
  • And WELCOME always brings you back to the home page.
Flora & Fiber website welcome page

There are several other ways to get to these pages from the WELCOME page.  

  • INSPIRATION links will take you to the GALLERY.
  • LEARN links will take you to the BLOG.
  • SUPPLIES links will take you to the SHOP.

**Don't miss the GREEN BAR which links to a 5$ OFF Coupon for anything in the SHOP**

Flora & Fiber website

Finally, on the bottom of each page, you will find:

  • another set of icons that link to Flora & Fiber social media pages.
  • another set of links to the pages on the Flora & Fiber website.
  • and very importantly a SIGN UP to receive updates from Flora & Fiber and receive an email each time a new blog post is published.  You can also subscribe from the sidebar of the BLOG.
Flora & Fiber website

Each of my blog posts are tagged with the category or categories it best corresponds with. Navigate through these tabs to find just what you’re looking for or use the SEARCH button.

Flora & Fiber website

Additionally, at the bottom of each BLOG post are TAGS which are searchable for similar content.

Flora & Fiber website

The SHOP also has categories to make it easier to locate your interests.  

Next to the social media icons (top right), clicking on the 'Q' brings up another method to search the site.

The shopping bag icon numbers the items in your cart.

Flora & Fiber website

At the end of each blog post is your chance to respond.  First, if you liked the post you can click on the Heart AND I'd absolutely love if you would share the post with others!!!!! (insert more happy dancing) By clicking on the related icon, you can easily share the post to Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.  

Flora & Fiber website

You can also post to Pinterest by hovering over any of the pictures and clicking on the Pin it button that appears.  

Flora & Fiber website

Below each post, clicking on COMMENT, a box will appear for you to ask questions, add your thoughts, give encouragement, give constructive feedback, etc.  You can also view others' comments as well.  It is such a thrill for me to hear back from readers of the blog!  Even a simple 'Enjoyed' warms my little heart!!!

Contact Page - Flora & Fiber website

Remember you can always ask me a question or contact me if something isn't working on the website or just send me happy mail from the CONTACT page.

Affiliate Links 

Flora & Fiber uses Amazon affiliate links for recommended books and supplies, which means I get a small reward when you purchase the item (or anything else) by going through my links. If you shop through Amazon regularly, please consider accessing Amazon through the links on Flora & Fiber before you shop. You’ll be helping to support Flora & Fiber, at no extra cost to you. 

I have lots of projects in process that I will be sharing soon and loads of ideas planned for 2018!  Thank you so much for supporting my efforts and spreading the word about Flora & Fiber!  

Here's a graphic to PIN for future reference!

Green Eggs

Green Eggs

Let's Spin . . . Alpaca

Let's Spin . . . Alpaca