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Fancy Fringe - Tutorial

I'm excited to bring you a video tutorial on a fancy fringe technique that includes braiding, interlacements, and beading.  I've worked the technique on a handwoven scarf, but it is not limited to only handwoven items.  This method could be used on any fringed item, whether handmade or purchased.

A Year Round Gift

I found this gift idea on the Silhouette blog.  It was designed and created by Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home.  The original post appeared here.  The project is called "A Gift For All Seasons" and includes a down pillow and six pillow covers that can be changed each season throughout the year.


Of course I had to add my own twist!


Exploring Flora & Fiber

Today's post is a little different.  I've had a quite a few first time visitors and new subscribers - insert me doing the happy dance - and so I thought it might be beneficial to give a little tour around the Flora & Fiber website.  Even if you've been following for awhile, maybe you'll find something new.

Customizing My Spinning Wheel

My first and only spinning wheel is a Louet S-17.  As a novice spinner, the reason I chose this particular wheel was I wanted a quality, yet inexpensive basic wheel and the S-17 more than fit that criteria.  Yes, there are fancier and prettier wheels, but I love the simplicity of my S-17!  

Most spinning wheels have a lacquered finish, while some are intricately carved from beautiful oak and cherry woods.  Not my S-17, it's unfinished, laminated hardwood that has been sanded satiny smooth.  Now some might find this unattractive, but I see it as a pristine palette calling me to create something uniquely mine.  And so that is just what I did.