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A Year Round Gift

A Year Round Gift

I found this gift idea on the Silhouette blog.  It was designed and created by Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home.  The original post appeared here.  The project is called "A Gift For All Seasons" and includes a down pillow and six pillow covers that can be changed each season throughout the year.  Below is a photo of the pillow covers appearing in that post.

Image appearing on Silhouette Blog - Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home

Image appearing on Silhouette Blog - Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home

Of course I had to add my own twist!  Here's how I did it.

Supplies Needed for Handmade Pillows


* The pillow covers and the pillow insert can also be purchased at IKEA

Screenshot of Silhouette Design

For those of you not familiar with a Silhouette CAMEO, it is an electronic cutting machine. Like a home printer, it connects to a computer but Instead of printing, it uses a small blade to cut a variety of materials.  There are literally tens of thousands of designs available to cut; many of them free to download from various internet sites.  I chose six seasonal designs for my pillow covers.  

I'll demonstrate my process with the Christmas pillow; after all, tis the season.  After choosing my design and opening it in the accompanying Silhouette software, I resized the design to fit my pillow cover.  

Screenshot of Silhouette Design Studio

Next, I flipped the design since the machine will be cutting it backwards, but the wording will be correctly turned when ironed onto the pillow cover.

Preparing to cut heat transfer vinyl on Silhouette

With the heat transfer vinyl loaded into the Silhouette CAMEO, I click 'Cut' and the machine does the work!

Weeding cut heat transfer vinyl design

Once cut, it's easy to weed off the excess heat transfer material around the design.

Heat Transfer vinyl design on pillow fabric

The heat transfer vinyl has a clear carrier sheet that keeps the design together to place it on the pillow cover.

Heat pressing heat transfer vinyl design onto pillow

The design adheres to the fabric when activated by heat using an iron (my iron could be considered an antique - it's over 35 years old - don't laugh, it works great). Then peel off the carrier sheet and voila . . .

handmade Christmas pillow

Now the fun part, embellishing each of the pillows with stuff from my stash!  Here three small green jingle bells for the holly berries and a large jingle bell tied on with red silk ribbon for a zipper pull.

Winter Snowflake Pillow

Winter is a silver snowflake with a fancy faux pearl button in the center.

Spring Bunny Pillow

Spring is a cute silver bunny on a pale pink pillow with a fluffy pink pompom tail.

Summer Tropical Leaf Pillow

Summer is a bold tropical leaf highlighted by bright green inking and a matching tropical leaf zipper pull.

Halloween Pillow

Halloween is a funny faced jack-o-lantern with glowing yellow eyes.

Fall Thankful Pillow

Fall's 'Thankful' is trimmed with a stylized sheaf of wheat and a trio of fall leaves for a zipper pull.

Burlap Tote Bag to hold Pillows

And to house the pillow and the seasonal covers, a burlap bag decorated with bright red Nordic snowflakes.

Pillows packaged in Tote under the Christmas Tree

Under the tree for someone special . . . can't say yet . . . it isn't Christmas!

Let's Weave . . . Krokbragd

Let's Weave . . . Krokbragd

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