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The Crayon Project

The Crayon Project

crayon project disguised

In June's post 'ABC-Alpaca, Blending, & Color', I prepped and spun a fun, textured, alpaca/merino blend yarn.  At the time, I couldn't show you the finished project because it was for a Guild challenge that wasn't yet completed.  Instead, I ended that post with the above disguised teaser photo.  Well, the Guild members have now met and revealed their projects, so I can share what I created.

handspun yarns for the crayon project

Our challenge was to design a project using three crayons we blindly pulled out of a paper bag.  Some combinations were favorite colors (I fell into that category), others quirky and some, well, a real challenge!  In addition to the alpaca/wool yarn, I also chose a cochineal, indigo, and marigold dyed merino yarn I spun during the 2017 Tour de Fleece.

handspun, knitted cowl for the Crayon Project

Here is my finished project, the Coincide Cowl by Brittany Wilson, published in the Summer 2016 issue of PLY magazine.  It was a great pattern to use textured thick and thin yarn!

Not only are my fellow Guild members a fun and talented group of ladies, but this time they surpassed the mark in their creativity for the Crayon Challenge.  Enjoy!

Crayon Project-Ann

Ann's hand knit socks.

Crayon Project-Karen

Karen's handwoven towels.

Crayon Project-Sherrie

Sherrie's machine knitting.

Crayon Project-Rosemary

Rosemary's hand spun.

Crayon Project-Lisa

Lisa's art yarn.

Crayon Project-Sonya

Sonya's handwoven towels.

Crayon Project-Wendy

Wendy's handwoven cases.

Crayon Project-Mary

Mary's woven basket.

Crayon Project-Peggy

Peggy's inkle woven band.

Crayon Project-Pud'n

Pud'n - can you believe she is a brand new weaver??

Astrid's Crayon Project

Astrid’s knitting.

Crayon Project-Jennifer

And Jennifer's cake . . . yes, she made those exquisite sugar flowers!  And the cake was delicious too!

Carolina Spinners, Weavers & Knitters Guild Banner

I told you this was a fabulous group of ladies!  For those of you nearby, we extend an invitation to join us.  We meet in Camden, SC on the second Saturdays of most months. Here is a link to our website and a link to our Ravelry page.  You can always send me a message for more information. And if you're going to the SC State Fair, the Guild will be doing demonstrations of fiber prepping, spinning, weaving, and knitting on Friday, October 12 in the Moore Building.

Thank you to Lisa Murray for providing the wonderful project photos!

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The Crayon Project pinnacle graphic
Krokbragd Book Sneak Peek

Krokbragd Book Sneak Peek

Handspun Alpaca Neck Warmer

Handspun Alpaca Neck Warmer